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What are cookies and why are they important to the internet?

Cookies are files created by the applications or sites you access, which store navigation information. This automatic data storage technology is very spread and it is used to collect information such as the browser type and operating system from which the user accessed eHealth application, with the purpose of meeting our clients’ needs, by understanding how they use the application. “Cookies” help us adjust the content of the application to your preferences, improving thus the quality of our services and developing new ones.

How and why do we use cookies, their role

We use cookies to provide you with a user-friendly application, safe and efficient, which offers a more useful, personalised content. Cookies we use are cookies for monitoring the performance of our application and tracking cookies, to make sure that you benefit from the best on-line experience.

Cookies storage on your phone and computer offers us an easy and convenient means to personalise or improve your experience with our application and to make your next visit more pleasant. By using them, we can connect the information contained by a cookie with your personal information collected by other means (for example, the registering forms).

Furthermore, we use cookies for your preferences, to show you the right page depending on your country of origin and we remember these settings the next time you visit eHealth application. Technical cookies are strictly required so that our application works properly. These are used to remember the fields you fill in in a form. These cookies cannot be deactivated. If you proceed, you consent to these. You can change the settings at any time depending on your browser or the operating system of your phone.

Changing the Cookie settings- uninstalling cookies

You can at any time change your cookie settings (for example, to be alerted when cookies are sent to your computer), by clicking the link:

If you do this, please consider the fact that you may not be able to log in our application or use other functions that require log in or data collecting.
Any changes in your cookie settings shall be saved until you decide to make additional changes, in case you no longer want this. Remember that you can access this page and the link at any time, by clicking on the “Cookie policy”.

Types of used cookies and third parties usage

There are two types of cookies: the first party ones which are set by the domain of the site displayed on the address bar and third party ones which come from other sources of domains, which include elements such as advertisements or images, incorporated on the first page.
The required cookies- are essential for the functioning of an application or a site. Without these, the application or site will not be able to work properly.
The functional cookies- are those set to improve the functioning of the application or site. For example, the Cookies which remember the previously visited content on the application/site or the email address and password supplied when registering during a previous visit of the application/site. Cookies can also remind elements you placed on-line on the eHealth application. Thus, by using functional Cookies there is no longer required a new registering or introducing again certain information in the registration forms when you come back to this application. For some applications, Cookies allow you to store your favourite actions. At the same time, we can use cookies to block access of the minor users to certain activities.

Examples of cookies used by this application

In the below table you find as example the classification and description of some Cookies used by this website:

Out of all the above-mentioned cookies, __utmc and language are session cookies, thus they are deleted when the browser or the application closes.

If you proceed, you consent to these. You can change the settings at any time depending on your browser or the operating system of your phone.

Cookies - safety and privacy of the personal data

Allianz-Țiriac Asigurari is registered as personal data operator under no. 779 and processes your data in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals, with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, with the purpose of providing insurance services. The personal data collected may be processed only within the instructions of Allianz-Țiriac Asigurari SA, by any other third party expressly authorised by the Company, in accordance with the provisions of law.

We appreciate your visit on our application and the interest shown regarding the services and products offered.

Navigation on our application is possible only by consenting to the Privacy Statement. If you do not consent to it, you are not able to proceed to other sections of the eHealth application developed by Allianz-Țiriac Asigurări.

This statement is updated periodically, therefore we ask you to read this document regularly.

By navigating on the eHealth application, we can record certain information or personal data provided voluntarily.

By personal data it is understood any information related to a physical person identified or unidentified- directly or indirectly, particularly by referring to a number of identification or to one or several factors specific to its identity.

To meet the needs of our clients we may ask for personal information to be able to solve your request, to answer your questions/claims, as well as to be able to offer you insurance products and/or informative materials for marketing purposes.

In this regard, data privacy is an important segment for us and we take care to protect the personal data collected, processed and used during the visits on the eHealth application. For protecting the personal information, Allianz-Țiriac Asigurari S.A. developed administrative and technological measures, encrypting technologies for certain types of transmissions coordinated by this application, however we do not guarantee that the information sent via Internet is secured, or that these transmissions will not be delayed, discontinued, intercepted or will not contain errors, for reasons unrelated to our Company.

The data subject has the right to information, to data access, intervention and opposition, to not be subject to an individual decision and the right to refer to court, according to Art. 12-18 of Law no. 677/2001. For exercising the above-mentioned rights, a written request, dated and signed, shall be submitted to Allianz-Țiriac Asigurari SA. The request shall specify whether it is expected that the information be communicated to a certain address that may also be an email or through a correspondence service that ensures personal delivery only.

By accepting the present form you certify that you have been informed of the terms and conditions of the application and of the personal data processing.

I accept the present form to certify the fact that:

Cookies/preferences management by means of browser/application settings

All modern browsers and application offer the possibility to change the cookies settings. These are usually found in “options” or in the “preferences” menu of the browser or application. It is possible to set the browser so that these cookies are no longer accepted, or the browser can be set to accept cookies only from a certain site.

You can use the following links to set cookies usage, depending on the browser type used:

I deny cookie usage

It is not necessary to use cookies to be able to use or see our application, although you may not have access to all the features of the application.


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